About us

Italian Coach

I am Johnny Almagno, born in Italy and professional trainer for 27 years.
Founder of 4Dcolor®, my aim is to make you live a memorable experience in our academies. I will personally follow you in the exclusive training.

I'm Letizia Mariani, director of Italia 4Dcolor® training. I'll be there for doubts and assistance and I'll answer all your questions at the end of the class.

I’m Valerio Perfetti, owner of the first salon in Florida (Miami) authorized in the 4Dcolor® Exclusive Method. I will be present at Masterclasses helping you to acquire all the secrets of Made in Italy shades.

Official International Interpreter

I'm Giannina Zavattiero, International interpreter of 4Dcolor® Usa. My aim is for you to have an engaging experience whether you speak English or Spanish. I'll wait for you in the 4Dcolor Masterclasses and events.